Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Snow and Daido Moriyama

 My co-worker introduced me to the work of Daido Moriyama yesterday. He is a Japanese photographer famous for high-contrast, black and white images. He tends to shoot in 1600 ISO to overexpose the photo, and then overdevelop it in the darkroom making for a really interesting effect. But the coolest thing about this kind of work is that it's incredibly easy to imitate on your own. Since his style is not so much using a tripod and lining up each shot with precision, but more of a haphazard kind of shooting style, you don't need any special equipment and you can shoot as you walk along the street (moving), even at night. The high ISO speeds will let you use slower shutter speeds for surprisingly clear shots at night. Then you need to boost your contrast and sharpness (I opted for highlights over sharpness because the sharpness tool on my photo editor is really terrible) on your camera or in the post processing. It's basically night photography made simple. These are some of the best shots I took tonight in the snow:

Let me know how mine stands up to the master... This was my first try..


  1. I am loving your pictures!!! I have loooots (and I mean, LOTS) of trouble shooting at night... What are your secrets?

  2. These pics are just amazing..
    Keep it up.. all the best..

  3. Wow these are really good. I think I'll try them myself :)

  4. They're god awful...just being honest I'm did ask for criticism so...there it is.